Welcome All Who Want to Make a Difference.

Increase your resilience, transform your relationship to your emotions, and engage the stillness deep within yourself. Living from this depth aligns you with your values and allows the best in you to step forward and help create a better world. Your investment in this inner work is an investment in what you – and the world – can become.

Face Change and Challenge with Greater Ease

Bring Mindfulness into Everyday Life

Increase Your Self Compassion

The World Needs You:  A Different Way to Enter the New Year

Online Class

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Mindful Resilience™ Workshop

An In-Person Class

Bloomington, Indiana

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Mindful Resilience™ Coaching

One-on-one guidance to focus and refine your internal skills and accelerate your progress.  Access greater stillness; increase your resilience; and align with your values, to create a more equitable and compassionate world.


New Book Available

Thirty practices to help you increase your resilience and deal with your emotions during these challenging times.  We are also offering a month-long weekly forum to help you work through the journal.  (This forum series is different from the forums above.)


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