~~Mindful Resilience is one woman's journey through a series of life transitions. Facing a move, the death of her father, and her mother's diagnosis of ALS gave Pamela Cotton the opportunity to expand her own capacity for resilience. Reflecting on her experience provided insights into how mindfulness can foster resilience and pointed the way for integrating the two concepts. This book will help you learn to transform in response to challenge, finding new perspective even in life's most painful moments. The Mindful Resilience process guides you to open your heart and become a more resilience version of yourself.

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Grief is an experience we all face at some point in our lives. When we face the loss of a loved one, an animal, or a relationship we hoped would continue, we can find support from those who know the path. In her first book, Mindful Resilience, Pamela talked about her own losses. In Grief: Finding Peace, she helps you better understand normal grief and guides you to find resilience during loss through mindful awareness and self-compassion. Audio files are available for the reflections in the e-book.

~~The position of leadership offers a unique opportunity to have your compassion-based actions affect more people, travel more miles, and have a greater impact. This short inspirational book invites you to work with specific skills that foster compassion within positions of influence. Living those capacities in the context of presence, you engage a process of transformation, leading yourself into greater creativity and rich personal meaning.