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Mindful Resilienceā„¢
Mindful Resilience products and services:
  • Facilitate clarity of thought in stressful times.
  • Develop internal calm to anchor you in life's stormy periods.
  • Inspire meaning which provides a beacon in the dark moments.
  • Promote competence and focused decision making in times of complexity and pressure.
  • Provide a roadmap for the inner work necessary to survive and thrive during personal and professional challenges.
  • Facilitate personal growth and peak capacity in the midst of difficulty.
  • Move you toward an integration of inner wisdom into everyday life.
Engage life challenges with



"Resilience...is that capacity in all of us to bend and flow with life, to allow the creative spirit and our skills to interact in ways that move us through times that otherwise might be called 'difficult' or 'impossible.' "  from Mindful Resilience by Pamela Cotton, Ph.D.

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